Defy gravity for an age defying body!

Defy gravity for an age defying body!

The aerial arts are a fun and exciting way to exercise your body and your mind. You will leave each class having explored new skills and will feel elated from all the adrenaline that aerial suspension will give you.

At Industry Aerial Arts our classes are run by professionals who have the highest level of personal expertise in the arts and understand all aspects of aerial safety and aerial techniques.

Aerial fitness will allow you to work key areas of your body more effectively than going to the gym. You will be able to sculpt your body, achieve tone, improve your overall fitness levels and increase your overall body strength. You will also be able to achieve weight loss, reduce body fat, flatten and tone your stomach and condition your body to achieve a healthy and age defying physique.

The fitness benefits of the gravity defying aerial arts are:

  • It is fun and stimulating – a natural endorphin high
  • It increases muscular flexibility and strengthens the core
  • It fine tunes the body – working on agility and balance
  • It develops confidence and self-esteem through continually challenging yourself
  • It improves overall posture and increases joint mobility
  • Teaches you spatial awareness and increases self-awareness
  • It is ideal for strength training
  • Is suitable for all ages and skill levels

Industry Aerial Arts ensures that we support all participants and we let you learn at your own pace and within your body’s limits.

Start suspending yourself today!