Stick or flick? that is the question!

Stick or flick? that is the question!

Aerial Arts Tips with Tammy Zarb

Let’s talk about STICK – As an aerialist when it comes to using chalk, rosin or spray (e.g firm grip) I am torn. Yes, I do love it when I am doing any partnering work in the air, and for extra grip when I sweat during a performance (which happens a lot ). On the other hand, I hate it when my students get it all over the floor during training, and think that the more they put on the better off they will be in order to be glued onto the fabric.

Personally, I find it can benefit when you are performing an act and smoke, fog or haze has left your apparatus slippery (not a good thing) or when you are performing two or more acts at an event or for a show, and need it to save your grip strength, or if you are testing your endurance whilst training.

Now, for the FLICK – Now having said that, most of my students are forever asking me “how do you get your grip strong enough so you don’t have to use anything at all?” Straight to the point, you have to train your grip. Hanging from a trapeze bar is great for training your grip. (AKA dead hang) I usually get my students to start off by hanging for 30 seconds at a time, firstly with both hands and then I get them to hang with each hand for 30 secs (or to build up to that… ideally much longer would be better) Simply, the stronger your grip the safer you will be in the air.

Grip Strength = Endurance

I would suggest people you use a dash of STICK (rosin, chalk or spray) during your training to promote a stronger grip, just enough to keep you safe in the air, but keep it in the back of your head that you want to make sure to squeeze your fingers tight at all times to train your grip. Then give it the FLICK. Happy hanging to one and all.