Tips for a great aerial arts class

Tips for a great aerial arts class

At Industry Aerial Arts we care about our students and staff and that is why we are here to give you our guide to the DO’s and DON’Ts of aerial arts. As professionals in the industry we have a few tips that we would like to share with you.


Don’t deep stretch before classes!
Brief, dynamic stretches are the best stretches to do before all aerial classes as they warm up the body, and help to prevent injury.
Long deep stretches are best saved for after aerial classes as they allow the body to disconnect, relax and warm down, these stretches also help with long term flexibility.

Don’t go to class when you are overtired or stressed out!
Aerial Arts is a sport of endurance, strength, concentration and focus not to mention fun. Ensure that you are well rested and hydrated for maximum performance potential. After all we love having in our classes and want you to progress and reach your goals. But you have to be in the right frame of mind.

Don’t practice without a safety mat!
Of course at Industry Aerial Arts we never promote any solo practice and there will always be someone on hand to assist.


Ask questions!
Don’t know why your leg is positioned there or don’t understand why a move is done a particular way?
Just ask us! The more questions you ask the more knowledgeable you will be on the history of aerial arts and why movements are performed the way that they are.
You will have a deeper appreciation for the arts and satisfaction when you get that new move! Expand your mind, not just your muscles!

Look into your teacher’s experience!
At Industry Aerial Arts we only have professional teachers! Tammy has an abundance of experience including 15 years of classical ballet training, as well as the International Core Roster – NYC as a performer, the guest coach of companies through the Intense Annual Workshops, performing for celebrities and more. If you are aiming for a successful career with “Cirque Du Soleil” or just learning to building core strength and fitness levels you can rest assured that Tammy can lead you in the right direction. You can view Tammy’s Profile Here.

Wear something comfortable and fitting.
All clothing must be body fitted to ensure that it doesn’t get caught in silks.

Do take off any dangling jewelery, earrings and tie your hair back.

Do take off your shoes and remove your rings on your fingers.

Pay attention to details.
Perfecting everything you can in aerial arts is nothing if you don’t master the subtleties for example pointing your toes. Floppy feet are not attractive!
Pointing your feet elongates your lines and makes your stretches and flexibility look neater and more attractive to the eye. Learn the little things to finesse your moves!

Have fun!
Industry aerial arts are a complete aerial school of fused movement, dance, yoga and pilates all in the air. We have an incredible range of skills available to participants at all levels. Most of all Industry Aerial Arts we want our students to have a great time!

We promote a very open culture of helpful and knowledgeable staff and students, in a friendly and supportive space.

Come and check out one of our classes, learn and have fun! View the timetable